Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teardrop Trailer Tee Shirts

If you have a teardrop trailer, then you know how crazy people go when they see them, right? How many times have you been approached at a campground or in a parking lot and been asked to show off your teardrop? Maybe it's the nastalgia. Maybe they're just that cool!

Well have you ever wanted to show off your love of Teardrop Trailers . . . even when you're not pulling yours?!  If so, these teardrop trailer tees are for you.

Several designs are available:
"Happy Tears" - features a silver shadow teardrop trailer by the campfire.
"Put it on my T@B" - features a truck, pulling a T@B teardrop camper.
"Tiny Teardrops" has an SUV towing a teardrop camper
"Tears of Joy" features a couple of teardrops near their campfire

All designs are available with or without Missouri Teardrop Trailer branding.

And here's the best part. You can customize these teardrop tees any way you like: size, color, style, men's or women's - you can even get these images on post cards, a coffee cup, or a hat!

Check out our Teardrop Trailer shirts here.

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