Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rent a Travel Trailer - Teardrop Style!

So you were thinking about renting an RV for your family vacation?  Then you saw the movie "RV" with Robin Williams? Then you thought better of the idea, right? Well that's silly. Renting an RV doesn't have to cause your family the problems it caused these characters - especially if you don't rent one of those monster RVs. You don't need something that big! You just need a place to sleep and maybe cook some meals under the stars and the sunshine. And wouldn't it be nice to use your own car on your vacation?

Well the answer is a lightweight travel trailer. Just about any vehicle can tow these small campers and they have all the ameneties of the big campers - storage, beds, water, kitchen, stove...some even have AC and bathrooms.

Missouri Teardrop Trailers has three small trailers available for you to rent starting as low as $40 a night! The 5X10 Teardrop Trailer and the 5X10 Teardrop Trailer are perfect for couples or families with little ones. The Bak-Pak Travel Trailer has room for four. If you want to be close to your family on vacation, these snuggly little campers are just what you need. If you need a little extra space or privacy, set up a tent right outside the camper for the kiddos.

Rent a lightweight travel trailer from Missouri Teardrop Trailers this weekend. And have fun out there!


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