Friday, August 19, 2011

The Anatomy of a Teardrop Camper

The teardrop camper so popular in the 1940's and 1950's is making a comeback in a big way. Some people are on the lookout for vintage teardrops, but most want their own modern trailer equipped with modern amenities. Owning a teardrop is a great way to camp on a budget. They are light enough to be towed by almost any vehicle and they’re easy on the vehicle's fuel economy. With the variety of options available on modern teardrop campers it's easy to get away with convenience and style.

Most teardrop campers sit about 4 feet tall and approximately 9 feet long. Larger and smaller versions are available, so weight and capacity will vary depending upon size. One of the most important components to consider when shopping for a teardrop is the cabin. Generally speaking, the cabin is large enough to sleep one or two adults. Though it is not large, it is nonetheless comfortable as many options are available. Heat and air conditioning can be added to most teardrops to ensure comfort no matter the weather. Most models are also equipped with side windows and may even feature a moon roof to enable some late night star-gazing or to accommodate a refreshing breeze.

Due to its compact size, the teardrop camper makes excellent use of every square inch of space. Cubby holes can usually be found at the head and foot of the bed. These storage areas are suitable for keeping a wide variety of useful items like flashlights, alarm clocks, books, and anything else that makes camping easier and more enjoyable. The foot of the bed extends into the galley at the rear of the unit, making some nice counter space in the kitchen and giving plenty of room for the cabin's occupants to stretch out at night. Some teardrops even feature a storage chamber under the mattress. This provides an extra secure place to put valuables or it may simply provide a little extra convenience for storing camping equipment.

Today's teardrops can be equipped with modern touches like televisions, DVD players, and stereos. Camping in a teardrop definitely does not have to mean roughing it! In addition, many options like side awnings, tables that can be attached to the exterior of the camper when not in motion, and a water tank can be added to increase space and convenience.

One of the best teardrop camper innovations on the market is the galley in the rear of the unit. Usually a lid flips up on the back of the teardrop to reveal a compact, efficient kitchen space. There is almost an endless array of options that can be added to the galley to make it as user friendly as possible. Most have a two burner camp stove and plenty of storage cubbies to hold condiments, utensils and other tools. Some owners choose to also add extras like a refrigerator to their galley to make it almost like home.

Some teardrop campers also accommodate a sink that can be attached to the side of the exterior of the trailer. Connect the sprayer to a garden hose to supply the necessary water. The sink is typically drained into a bucket, but it may also be drained through a gray water hose. It makes cleaning up after a meal a snap.

Teardrop campers are enjoying a well deserved renaissance. Their compact size and affordability make them an excellent choice for campers on a budget. Design and technology innovations provide teardrop campers with convenient amenities. With so many great options from which to choose, it's not surprising more people are discovering teardrop campers.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rent a Travel Trailer - Teardrop Style!

So you were thinking about renting an RV for your family vacation?  Then you saw the movie "RV" with Robin Williams? Then you thought better of the idea, right? Well that's silly. Renting an RV doesn't have to cause your family the problems it caused these characters - especially if you don't rent one of those monster RVs. You don't need something that big! You just need a place to sleep and maybe cook some meals under the stars and the sunshine. And wouldn't it be nice to use your own car on your vacation?

Well the answer is a lightweight travel trailer. Just about any vehicle can tow these small campers and they have all the ameneties of the big campers - storage, beds, water, kitchen, stove...some even have AC and bathrooms.

Missouri Teardrop Trailers has three small trailers available for you to rent starting as low as $40 a night! The 5X10 Teardrop Trailer and the 5X10 Teardrop Trailer are perfect for couples or families with little ones. The Bak-Pak Travel Trailer has room for four. If you want to be close to your family on vacation, these snuggly little campers are just what you need. If you need a little extra space or privacy, set up a tent right outside the camper for the kiddos.

Rent a lightweight travel trailer from Missouri Teardrop Trailers this weekend. And have fun out there!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Teardrop Trailer Tee Shirts

If you have a teardrop trailer, then you know how crazy people go when they see them, right? How many times have you been approached at a campground or in a parking lot and been asked to show off your teardrop? Maybe it's the nastalgia. Maybe they're just that cool!

Well have you ever wanted to show off your love of Teardrop Trailers . . . even when you're not pulling yours?!  If so, these teardrop trailer tees are for you.

Several designs are available:
"Happy Tears" - features a silver shadow teardrop trailer by the campfire.
"Put it on my T@B" - features a truck, pulling a T@B teardrop camper.
"Tiny Teardrops" has an SUV towing a teardrop camper
"Tears of Joy" features a couple of teardrops near their campfire

All designs are available with or without Missouri Teardrop Trailer branding.

And here's the best part. You can customize these teardrop tees any way you like: size, color, style, men's or women's - you can even get these images on post cards, a coffee cup, or a hat!

Check out our Teardrop Trailer shirts here.